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Конкурс "Допиши рассказ"

Happy Escape!

Katya Gapeeva. 10 лет. Happy Escape! LOW.

Snowy is a little polar bear cub. He lives in the northern Arctic with his family. Mummy bear, Daddy bear and Snowy can see ice and snow everywhere every day. They like swimming from ice floe to ice floe and digging holes in snow banks.
One day Snowy says, "I’m tired of this ice and snow. I’m going to live where I can see something quite different."
"But your home is here! Look!
The snowflakes are dancing in the air! They are so beautiful! Listen to the snow! It’s humming a very funny song, "scoosh-scoosh, scoosh-scoosh", his mother tells him.
"Nothing can stop me", answers Snowy. "I’m packing my things and ...

“I leave for America. There lives my friend Parrot Kesha. We made friends when his owner came to Arctic” said Snowy. But his parents did not let their son go. So in the morning Snowy packed his things and ran to the airport. There he met his friend Kesha and his owner Sam They were already in the helicopter and were going to fly to America. Their flight was very long. The Bear-Cub admired cities, woods, seas, below. When they arrived in America Sam took Snowy and Kesha to the Zoo. Sam put them to the cage and sold them. Snowy got frightened. Some visitors of the zoo gave them fruit and tasty things but other threw stones and sticks to Kesha and Snowy. So they decided to run away. The penguins in the next cage decided to help them. They managed to escape on the Christmas Eve. We know that on that day all dreams come true. The biggest desire of Snowy was to get home and soon the Bear Cub, the Parrot and the penguins arrived in Artic. Snowy’s parents were glad to meet their son and his friends. The Bear cub understood that to live in the family is better. Home, sweet home!


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