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Конкурс "Допиши рассказ"

Snowy's adventures

Тихомиров Александр. 12 лет. Snowy's adventures. LOW.

Snowy is a little polar bear cub. He lives in the northern Arctic with his family. Mummy bear, Daddy bear and Snowy can see ice and snow everywhere every day. They like swimming from ice floe to ice floe and digging holes in snow banks.
One day Snowy says, "I’m tired of this ice and snow. I’m going to live where I can see something quite different."
"But your home is here! Look!
The snowflakes are dancing in the air! They are so beautiful! Listen to the snow! It’s humming a very funny song, "scoosh-scoosh, scoosh-scoosh", his mother tells him.
"Nothing can stop me", answers Snowy. "I’m packing my things and ...

and go to travel to different countries. Snowy said that he had heard about some hot continent as Africa. Snowy was going to visit this place. The next day he started his adventure. He was sure it would be wonderful to know more new information about other world that he hadn’t ever seen. He walked many miles and took place in Africa. There was very hot weather. The sun shined all day and there weren’t places where Snowy could hide from sun. There was tropical climate without any water. Snowy didn’t know what to do. He was walking across savanna and suddenly he met one unusual person. Snowy hadn’t ever seen such strange animal, but Snowy was brave and he wasn`t afraid him. Snowy came to this unusual animal and asked some questions: -Hello! Who’re you? I haven’t seen any person as you. -Hi, I’m Bobby, I’m a giraffe. I live in Africa all my life and I don’t know who you are. Where did you come from? What is your name? -I`m Snowy. I’m a little polar bear. I live in the north Arctic. There is very cold not as here and I like it. -It’s cool! Let’s be friends! Do you want me to show you any beautiful places in Africa? -Yes, I do. Let’s go for a walk! -Ok, but I should tell you some rules. Africa is dangerous country. There many animals as lion, hyena and crocodile who want to eat you. Be careful! You shouldn’t make friends with them. -It’s not problem for me. Let`s start our adventure. After this dialog they went to walk. They had long discussion about themselves. They had made the best friend. Snowy was such happy. He decided to write letter for his parents: “Dear, mum and dad, I’m fine! I have done in Africa. It`s hot place with different unusual animals. I have made friends with Bobby. He`s a cool giraffe and I like him very much. I`ll come back soon Yours, Snowy” They walked for days in Africa. Bobby told Snowy about his country and its attractions. They were very happy and good together. But after a while, Snowy began to get bored. He wanted to see his parents, and he felt not so comfortable in a hot country. -Why are you so sad? - Asked him once Bobby -I really missed my parents and I still really hot here, I think, I'm not suited to such a life. -You're right, Snowy, but I do not want you leaving, I will miss you terribly. -Me too, but we're sure to see more! -I hope so, bon voyage. Thank you, I will write you when I get back home - Snowy cried out at last. Snowy was very upset that he will have to part with Bobby, because they became best friends, but he had to go home. The next day he was far away from Africa, he had very little to the house, but suddenly his attention was drawn to another country. It was a very great and shining light of all, everything was beautifully decorated, and he was very interested in what is happening there. He decided to stay there for long. He wandered through the various streets, admiring their beauty. He admired the lights that were burning everywhere and beautiful Christmas trees decorated with colored balls and tinsel. He is so staring that he didn’t notice how wandered into the woods and came upon a strange den. He kept circling it and finally decided to knock on. -Who is it? Who disturbs my sleep? - There was a hoarse voice from the den. -It’s Snowy, I’m a polar bear. And then suddenly a large shaggy brown bear comes out of the den. And Snowy was very surprised, because he had never seen such bears, but only heard about them. They started talking and Snowy told a bear about his adventure, and asked him about the flickering lights. And the bear told him about the New Year holiday, how it is celebrated, and what is necessary for this party. Snowy liked the tradition of this country and he decided to go home as soon as possible to meet the holiday with his parents.


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