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Конкурс "Допиши рассказ"

Strange story

Харланова Мария Анатольевна. 12 лет(6 класс). Strange story . HIGH.

Before I took part in the Expedition through the Arctic, I had lived by a schedule. In the Arctic you lose sense of time. Having 24 hours of sunlight we could start our hiking at what we thought was 3 PM but it was actually 3 AM.
Our entire being was focused on one thing: survival.
That day or night (I can’t say for sure) I was on polar bear watch while the others were sleeping.
I didn’t have to fall asleep so I looked outside for some fresh air and came face to face with a ...

... an old man. He was very tall and I thought that he was strong. He had long white hair and dark brown eyes. His eyes were shining brightly. The man was staring at me in silence. That is why, he frightened me. I felt that I could not move neither my hands nor feet. I did not know where he had appeeared from and how long we were standing there. The only sense was fear. Then this strange old man turned round and went slowly towards the ocean. I did not realize what I should do. Nevertheless, I went after him. Probably, I decided to see what he would do further. Suddenly, the old man stopped in the sunlight. I understood that it was not a man! I was impressed because a big polar bear was standing in front of me.“ What shall I do?”, I thought. I was standing like a stone. At that moment I was afraid of that huge white bear. However, a few minutes later the bear quetly went to the ocean. But the most unexpected happened when it approached the water. That creature dissapeard. I even could not find his footprints. Finally, I returned to the camp with a strange feeling. I did not want to tell that story to my friends. They could think that I was crazy. Was it a bear or a man? What was it? Maybe, I saw everything in my dream?


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