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Конкурс "Допиши рассказ"

Meeting a stranger

Мормуль Дмитрий Сергеевич. 12 лет. Meeting a stranger. HIGH.

Before I took part in the Expedition through the Arctic, I had lived by a schedule. In the Arctic you lose sense of time. Having 24 hours of sunlight we could start our hiking at what we thought was 3 PM but it was actually 3 AM.
Our entire being was focused on one thing: survival.
That day or night (I can’t say for sure) I was on polar bear watch while the others were sleeping.
I didn’t have to fall asleep so I looked outside for some fresh air and came face to face with a ...

a polar bear. It was large in size and the colour of his fur was the same like the snow cover. I couldn’t imagine such a big beast. But beautiful new friend coming closer to our tent. Being surprised I couldn’t say a word to warn my companions about the danger. Fortunately, the Bear sniffed me and peacefully walked around our home. Having returned to the tent, I brought some fish trying to feed my new friend wish it. I wanted to make friends wish him, not to be afraid of me. And of course, I would like to get to know more interesting facts about life habits of polar bears in ice Arctic. We named him Misha. Watching the bear, we have found out that, they eat mainly seals waiting for them near small hole, through which the seals can get some air for living. And now brave and inventive bear was! Usually he kills his victim by one strong blow of his paw. He searched his food both in daytime and at night. I didn’t think, that white bears were very sensitive and they were able to smell the seals, even they lay under two metres layer of snow and ice. I understood, that in summer the food of polar bears is different. They prefer eating small rodents, arctic foxes, ducks and their eggs. So time passed and we had finished our work in Arctic. We were sorry for leaving, but we shall never forget Misha, because he had been our best friend those days and he helped to discover new information and ideas about the living things in the Arctic.


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