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Конкурс "Допиши рассказ"


Полина Соколова. 10 лет. SNOWY AND A MAGIC BOX. LOW.

Snowy is a little polar bear cub. He lives in the northern Arctic with his family. Mummy bear, Daddy bear and Snowy can see ice and snow everywhere every day. They like swimming from ice floe to ice floe and digging holes in snow banks.
One day Snowy says, "I’m tired of this ice and snow. I’m going to live where I can see something quite different."
"But your home is here! Look!
The snowflakes are dancing in the air! They are so beautiful! Listen to the snow! It’s humming a very funny song, "scoosh-scoosh, scoosh-scoosh", his mother tells him.
"Nothing can stop me", answers Snowy. "I’m packing my things and ...

leaving immediately. “Wait, Snowy. Take this box with you. People forgot it here. Perhaps, it can be useful” - said Mum. “Thank you! Good-bye, Mummy, Good-bye, Daddy.” Snowy sat down on the ice floe and started his journey. He was swimming and swimming but there were only big waves around him. The block of ice began to thaw and Snowy was frightened. Suddenly he saw a land. Snowy went to it and met a deer there. The Deer said: “Good afternoon. My name is Deer. And who're you? What's your name?” “I'm Snowy - the polar bear.” “Where're you going?” «I'm going to travel to see the world and to meet new friends.” “I want to be your friend” - said Deer. “Sit down on my sledge and let's go.” Deer was carrying Snowy until they don't reach the forest. “My sledge cannot pass here. Good bye, Snowy! Good luck!” Snowy was walking through the forest when he heard a noise. He stopped and suddenly saw a bear. The bear was very dirty. “Hello!” - said Snowy. - “What are you doing here?” “Hi!” - said the dirty bear. - “I pick raspberry. It's very tasty. Do you want to try?” “Yes, of course. It's really tasty. Why're you so dirty?” “My son, Browny, isn't dirty, he's just brown. We're the Brown bears. There're many brown trees around us. And the ground is brown too.You're a Polar bear. You're white, because it's a lot of snow and ice at your place. What're you doing here?” - It was Mother-bear. “I'm travelling and looking for new friends.” “Wonderful. Browny has a cousin. You can go and meet him.” “Perfectly well! I am going to visit him. Tell me please, how can I do it?” “There's a railway station not far from here. You'll take a train and go. When you see bamboo forest, go out.” They gave Snowy a basket with mushrooms and berries. “Good-bye! See you again!” - cried Snowy from a train window. This trip took a long time. Snowy was looking at the forests and fields, rivers and lakes. “The Earth is very beautiful” - thought Snowy. “It's a pity that Mum and Dad cannot see it”. He has seen bamboo forest at last. He went through the forest until he saw a very strange bear. It was white and black. “Different bears are living on the Earth!” - whispered Snowy. “Yes, all of us are different! There are still Himalayan bears and others. We look different and we eat different food. My name is Pandy. Try a bamboo, please.” “I'm Snowy... Yammy! The bamboo is very tasty, but I want to eat some fish! I want home to my Mum and Dad!” - Snowy took a box which his Mum gave him. He was crying. A man appereared at this moment. “I'm a polar scientist. I forgot my mobile phone at the polar station and I found a signal from it here. Where's it?” “I have only a box from my Mum. I miss Mum and Dad!!!” - cried Snowy. “This is my phone!!! We'll call the polar station now. You'll talk to your parents and I'll send you home.” “Hurray!!! Mummy, I met many friends, I saw many interesting places and soon I'll be back home. Say hello to Daddy!” Snowy was happy. He wrote letters to Deer, Browny and his mother. He said "Good-bye" to Pandy and went home with the polar scientist. He decided that next year he'll go to travel together with his parents.


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