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Конкурс "Допиши рассказ"

travel around the World

Слесарчук Нина Константиновна. 10 лет. travel around the World . LOW.

Snowy is a little polar bear cub. He lives in the northern Arctic with his family. Mummy bear, Daddy bear and Snowy can see ice and snow everywhere every day. They like swimming from ice floe to ice floe and digging holes in snow banks.
One day Snowy says, "I’m tired of this ice and snow. I’m going to live where I can see something quite different."
"But your home is here! Look!
The snowflakes are dancing in the air! They are so beautiful! Listen to the snow! It’s humming a very funny song, "scoosh-scoosh, scoosh-scoosh", his mother tells him.
"Nothing can stop me", answers Snowy. "I’m packing my things and ...

I’m going to travel around the World till I find a new colorful beautiful house. Tomorrow I’ll leave you and never come back here”. Next morning a bear cub took his things, found the biggest ice floe and swam away. Snowy swam very long. He was tired and wanted to eat, but his stocks were eaten. Suddenly Snowy thought “I can catch fish as my parents can do it”, and fortunately the bear cub saw a fish in the water. Snowy dived for it but at once he felt cold and returned to his ice floe. Finally Snowy stayed without some food. Next day the polar bear cub opened his eyes and noticed an island and swam towards it. Snowy has never seen such beautiful place. He was surrounded with unknown but nice animals. The bear cub thought a little and decided to stay here. Snowy began to find the house. He spent all day but finally he found nothing. Each house was occupied. Snowy noticed green grass and wanted to lie on it. When he stepped on grass, he heard a shout and understood that it was a strange animal of green color. It looked dangerously. It had got very sharp teeth. Snowy was afraid of it and ran to his ice floe. When the bear cub reached the shore, he saw only pool instead of the ice floe. But he was in luck and found another transport. It was a log. Snowy sat on it and swam to his home. When he came back to his Mummy bear and Daddy bear, he told them about his adventures. It was a long time ago. I don’t know how much time passed. But I know exactly that this polar bear cub is already adult.


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