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Конкурс "Допиши рассказ"

Meeting with the Polar Bear

Габдрафиков Ильяс Рашидович. 11 лет. Meeting with the Polar Bear. HIGH.

Before I took part in the Expedition through the Arctic, I had lived by a schedule. In the Arctic you lose sense of time. Having 24 hours of sunlight we could start our hiking at what we thought was 3 PM but it was actually 3 AM.
Our entire being was focused on one thing: survival.
That day or night (I can’t say for sure) I was on polar bear watch while the others were sleeping.
I didn’t have to fall asleep so I looked outside for some fresh air and came face to face with a ...

an amazing white bear. I wish I could describe the feeling I got that time when I saw a polar bear. The polar bear was one of the most magnificent animals I’d witnessed in its natural habitat. The weather was perfect for spotting bears that day and the bears were quite active that day. While I turned back to take my camera he was moving away from me and the camp. I did capture a picture of that bear, but it was at quite a distance. The second bear I saw that day was lying peacefully along the horizon. We observed him for a while. He was huge and didn’t budge an inch. He was also quite far away. The third bear we came across actually came across us. He was crossing the road we were driving on. Ironically, we were looking to the right, toward the bay, in the same direction we’d seen the other bears. “There’s one on the road ahead of us,” somebody in our group called out. It was a classic case of looking for something and not seeing what is right in front of you. We slowed the bus and watch the handsome bear walk up the hill, along the road. He was a really cool bear. He’d taken a few steps, looked at us to let us know he knew we were there, and then kept on walking. The sun was approaching horizon, the bear seemed to be appreciating the setting sun. Eventually the bear made his way down the hill, behind some rocks, and we lost sight of him. We were a bit fascinated and kept looking at his fresh tracks in the snow for a while. After that we saw several more bears walking across the tundra. Our expedition so far had been an eye opening experience of the natural wonders of our Arctic environment. It had offered insights of wildlife and natural wonders, and more importantly, reasons why action must be taken now to protect the world we share. Together let’s protect the poles and protect our planet.


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