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Конкурс "Допиши рассказ"

Polar bear baby

Гулина Елизавета Константиновна. 12 лет. Polar bear baby. HIGH.

Before I took part in the Expedition through the Arctic, I had lived by a schedule. In the Arctic you lose sense of time. Having 24 hours of sunlight we could start our hiking at what we thought was 3 PM but it was actually 3 AM.
Our entire being was focused on one thing: survival.
That day or night (I can’t say for sure) I was on polar bear watch while the others were sleeping.
I didn’t have to fall asleep so I looked outside for some fresh air and came face to face with a ...

polar bear baby.

I called my friends. The little bear was very weak and hungry. He began to tremble. My friends and I decided to take care of the little bear and took him home. We called him Thomas. He was so tired he could hardly lift his paws. When we offered him some fish Thomas began to eat quickly. Soon he has fallen asleep. In the morning I`ve been woken up by some noise. I opened my eyes and saw that Thomas was playing with my boots. He was gay and lovely. I gave my little friend some more milk and fish.

My friends and I decided to find his mother. We found her not far from the Expedition station. Thomas saw her and gave a little cry. He jumped up and rushed away quickly. We watched if his mother would let him stay. When she began to lick little Thomas we understood that everything was all right.


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