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Конкурс "Допиши рассказ"

Once in the Arctic

Сабиров Артур Андреевич. 13 лет. Once in the Arctic HIGH.

Before I took part in the Expedition through the Arctic, I had lived by a schedule. In the Arctic you lose sense of time. Having 24 hours of sunlight we could start our hiking at what we thought was 3 PM but it was actually 3 AM.
Our entire being was focused on one thing: survival.
That day or night (I can’t say for sure) I was on polar bear watch while the others were sleeping.
I didn’t have to fall asleep so I looked outside for some fresh air and came face to face with a ...

huge polar bear which was passing by on his way to a big patch of open water in ice.
I thought he was hungry and searching for some good fish or a seal to eat.
The bear turned his head towards me. His tiny back eyes were like small buttons shining
on his muzzle. He was staring at me while I was hesitating whether to keep still or rush away.
I was scared. Furthermore, I was really terrified.
I knew I could be eaten by the hungry animal if he noticed me and made a decision to do so.
- What should I do? If I keep still, he can think I’m not an alive one and, maybe, he will carry on his search of food for him and his cubs.
But if feels the smell of the animal (and I’m an animal, indeed), he will attack and kill me. I won’t be able to make any resistance.
Suddenly, some lone noise came from above.
Trembling all over my body I looked up. It was a small aero plane approaching our Arctic station.
I remembered that they had to bring some more food and equipment to the station.
Before I could cry away the bear or wave to the pilot the majestic animal had jumped aside from his path and had hidden behind the snowy rock.


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