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Конкурс "Допиши рассказ"

Snowy’s adventures

Хайнурова Диана Ринатовна. 12 лет. Snowy’s adventures. LOW.

Snowy is a little polar bear cub. He lives in the northern Arctic with his family. Mummy bear, Daddy bear and Snowy can see ice and snow everywhere every day. They like swimming from ice floe to ice floe and digging holes in snow banks.
One day Snowy says, "I'm tired of this ice and snow. I'm going to live where I can see something quite different."
"But your home is here! Look!
The snowflakes are dancing in the air! They are so beautiful! Listen to the snow! It's humming a very funny song, "scoosh-scoosh, scoosh-scoosh", his mother tells him.
"Nothing can stop me", answers Snowy. "I'm packing my things and ...

going to travel”
He remembered the fairy-tale about the fairy flower.
He didn’t have this flower but he has so many snowflakes.
He began to dream…”…At first I’ll go to China, where I’ll see my relatives-pandas.
They’ll teach me to climb up the trees and treat me to bamboo.
Then the Chinese will put me on the catapult and throw it over the ocean to Australia.
There I can watch frisky kangaroos and funny parrots .After that I’ll go to Africa.
I’ll dance ritual dances with shy men there.
In two months I’ll build a big ship and sail to Russia to admire Red Square.
So I want to be in India too. I’d like to ride on elephants. After my travel round the world I’ll come back…”
Snowy takes one snowflake, throws it in the air and cries,
“Fly my snowflake, fly away, do it always what I’d like. I’d like to be in China.”So Snowy began to travel.
In a year Snowy came back to his family. He brought a lot of toys, souvenirs and books in different languages.
In his absence seven new white bears’ families began to live on their island. They are friendly.
Life is getting better and funnier and Snowy understood that his home is the best.
East or West home is best.


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